Frank Schulte-Ladbeck


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I have worked various jobs while continuing my education. My work life has been a varied career; however I have consistently called upon my language, analytical, and creative abilities in any career which I have undertaken. Mainly, I take the position of the go-to person to answer questions about how to perform a task on the job. This knowledge placed me frequently in management positions. My desire to learn causes me to investigate any number of topics to help me with the job at hand.


February 2006 Professional Real Estate Inspector Courses at Tomball College through Champions School of Real Estate ; 448 hours

December 1992 B.A. In English Literature with a minor in German at the University of Houston with significant coursework in Physics (9 hours) and Mathematics (15 hours)



Having sixteen years of management experience, I have overseen all aspects of human resources, facilities, inventory, customer service, and food service supervision. My method of managing involved in developing systems with staff assistance to ensure that tasks were easy to accomplish, thereby improving productivity. I also focused on budgeting concerns to discover ways to improve profitability. My style was to plan for all possible situations to ensure the best outcome.


My abilities in management led me to create programs for staff training. This expertise was recognized by supervisors, which brought me into the realm of corporate training, where I helped implement programs to educate other managers on a range of topics including food service, MIS analysis, facilities management, and customer service. My method came from studying effective means to teach, which helped me to devise a storytelling style to help employees remember the lessons.


My experience in this field came from my years in management and from running my own business. My attention to detail and organizational abilities helped me to effectively deal with administrative systems, and to create better means for ensuring filing and storage of necessary business documents. One of my means for best accomplishing effective administrative tasks was to evolve good methods of communication.

Computer/Website Development

Through career necessities, I have become proficient in the use of Microsoft and Open Office programs to create various types spreadsheets, presentation, and text documents for different tasks. Many of these documents were meant to create simple ways of tracking and distributing data. I have also become familiar with HTML and the creation of websites, which is leading me to improve my knowledge of php, javascript, css, and databases.


Working my way through college in part as a maintenance personnel, encouraged my involvement in the care of facilities throughout my career, eventually leading me to help oversee or to be involved in commercial construction and renovation. This interest has led me to the career of residential property inspections. My knowledge of the topic has placed me in a position to be asked to produce articles forwebsites, newsletters, and a newspaper for the real estate industry and consumers.


Another recurring theme through my working life has been in the field of inventory, from finding, storing to distributing goods for various firms. I have worked with systems that catered to the petrochemical industry on a national and international basis, and to the food service industry. Loss prevention became part of my efforts in this area. Organizational skills were important in finding ways to store items for quick access.

Special Skills

Good working knowledge of German and Spanish.