Since I have been receiving requests about advertising, I thought it best to create this policy to let potential advertisers understand my thoughts on how advertising will be handled on this site.

1. TextLinkAds- I do not sell them. Period. If you have a suggestion for a post with a desire for me to link to your site, you can send me the information, and I will review it. I have accepted these solicitations in the past when I felt that the topic matches a theme in current posts or fits with the overall objective in the site. This means anything that helps explain how a website for a small business can be improved.

2. Google Adsense
Some of the banner ads in the top of the website, and the text ads on the right side of the page and at other places in the site are served automatically by Google. They serve ads which their system determines would be “relevant” (not necessarily appropriate) to the content shown on the page, and/or the interest of particular individuals reading my website. I do block these ads from being seen by every single visitor to the site. Only visitors who are coming to the site from a search will see the ads. Although I do not have control over which ads are shown, I have been using a tag to suggest a topic for those ads on certain posts.

3. Direct Purchase from
I have entertained the idea of 125×125 ads to be displayed in the sidebar or before the comments. I recently stopped taking some of these ads, which was through a service because I found that they were not beneficial to the readers. I will take ads which may be of use to small business owners. If you have a product in that category, then I am open to a discussion.

4. Blog Postings
I accept guest posts. If you have a well written post that provides useful information to my readers, then I will be happy to post it. I have not asked for payment for these posts, but I like the idea of a product as a give-away to the readers (this is open to discussion). These posts will have a link back to your site.

5. Ads in comments

I do not approve of ads in comments. I will delete links in comments or comments which have a pure advertising purpose. The comments are meant to further the discussion provide further details or differing opinions. If this is achieved, and a link back to your site helps this, then I am not adverse to such a link.

Community Standards does not tolerate advertising that constitutes hate speech, blatant falsehood, racism, pornography, violence, or illegal activity.

I reserve the right to remove any ads or content which does not fit with the goals of this site.

By accepting an ad, I am not endorsing one product over another. I advise readers to evaluate the products are their own.

Share Your Thoughts
If you deem an ad to be inappropriate, please let me know. I will check into it to make a determination about the ad, and what I can do about it. To find out about how I sue information gathered about visitors to this site, you can read the Privacy Policy. Contact: frank at fschulte-ladbeck dot com