What Does Your Email Address Says About You and Other Thoughts

Hello, the world of business has changed. Have you changed with it? How professional do you appear?  It might be time for a website.

I open my mail, mainly bills. I see a letter that looks like it might be from my credit card company. Opening it up, I discover the invoice that is not really an invoice, but rather an advertisement for a phone book. This comes a day after a marketer was cagily skirting the topic that he wanted me to advertise in a guide geared to a specific community. Consider for your own actions. When was the last time you pulled out the phone book to find a number? How often do you pick up a guide at your local club or church to find someone to hire? You are probably like me; you go to a search engine to find out the information that you need.
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Advertising and Other Thoughts on User Experience

You are a small business hoping for an additional income stream, so you turn to placing ads on your site. Did you just loose a client? Are you loosing authority?

Have you seen a good website go bad? Or have you lost respect for a site, which makes you wonder about the business behind it? These and other thoughts popped into my head this week while I was negotiating an ad for one of my sites and while looking at other sites. I think that there is nothing wrong with modeling your site after a successful web page, so why not look at what they have done to discover how it can be used in your own pages. I study. Typically, I do not look at the advertising placed on a site, because I am there for the content, yet those bits of marketing may have something useful for me. Like most people surfing the web, I have mixed reactions to someone trying to sell me more stuff, but this week I encountered a couple of badly handled sites that left them looking a bit less trustworthy in my eyes.
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