Of Sitemaps, Advertising, Links, and the User

Do you watch websites as they change? To keep the interest of our visitors, we engage in a process of trying to make our sites better, while also attempting to have our content found in search engines, but I wonder if we hold onto forms, because we think that the user will find them appropriate.

I notice that quite a few websites have been changing. Other websites seem old and stale. Do our customers notice? I ask this because I often go directly to the content of sites that I am familiar with. Most of us do not explore new sites, but rather visit a certain set of sites. We need the familiarity to navigate through easily, but change in the site keeps our interest.  We have the forces pulling at our site; moreover, small business sites have to catch the eye of the new user (customer) on a budget.  When looking at my own site, I questioned the usefulness of every element, which led me to a change in the design.
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Using Space: Making the Most of How Your Website Is Displayed

Do you look at your website, and think: I could add this cool widget on the side, or how can I use that footer? Have you considered how your website appears on a mobile device?  Making the most of the site may mean considering all of the space viewed on the screen.

We have a problem when it comes to web design. On the one hand, you want a new user to move through your site to their goal in the hope that this will benefit you.  This means that we do not want them to think about the architecture. On the other hand, when we create for the lowest common denominator, we produce an environment that does not engage the user. To engage the user helps them to buy into the site, I feel. You may remember from a writing class a statement declaring do not write down to your audience; you will loose them. Of course then they taught you to write in a style which fit with the standard style. Unfortunately, my love of structurally complex sentences was not proper in this style. Not writing down meant word choice rather than structure. Going back to the idea of architecture, we can use the idea of a house as a good metaphor for a website.
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