How Far Can You Stray With Your Content

Consultants who blog may wish to go further from their topic to help brand themselves

A golden rule in blogging is try to have a focus for your content; do not stray to far from it. Every blogger has the odd post that does not fit the true purpose of the site though, but what if that content becomes half of the site? I was analyzing some popular blogs in specific industries, and found that they go against the focus rule; however, they do engage their audience, which is the ultimate goal of the site, but does this lead to conversions?
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Writing Posts for Keywords Which are not Trending

Writing quality content may not be enough if no one is looking for a post on your topic.

I used to write an informative post without concern if the post would be read by users or found by the search engines, because the post served my greater writing goals in regards to my business. With a website, this can be an error. Each written post should add value to the site. Value will be defined as bringing in users to the site; users who will hopefully convert to being your clients. Yet maybe you still need a post on a topic that will not add value, so how can you craft your writing to meet the goal of adding value?
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How to create a post for your blog

The art of writing comes with its own rules that you need to know, once you begin to write a post for any webpage.

I was asked how do I develop titles for blog posts, and I thought that I might write a post on that topic, but writing for the web is different from other styles. I have been working on a couple of anchor/pillar posts, when I wrote a piece that fits into my overall scheme, and kept my blog post schedule. While writing this post, I became self conscious of the techniques involved. This feeling was enhanced when an editor worked on a post that I submitted for another site. With these thoughts in my head, I felt that a post about writing a post would be better suited here.
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